about me

Photographer Danny Nguyen












I love the creative process and one of the joys is being able to connect and share with my clients the timelessness of photography on their wedding day.

Telling a compelling story on a wedding day is one of the most challenging and exhilarating things I get to experience as a wedding photographer.  And I approach my photography like an addiction to make beautiful images at every turn on a page in a book.  To do this, I look for the light, color, shapes and life around us that will make my couples look their best on the most important days of their lives.  I truly cherish that experience, and I am honored every time I get commissioned to do a wedding for my clients that I soon call my friends.  I am enriched by the experience and love having fun with my friends as they embark on a new path on their wedding day.  Additionally, I have been blessed with the many family and friends who also ask upon me the duty of capturing the moments in their lives that are most important to them through family, couples, and professional portraits. 

I have lived in Massachusetts, Guam, Washington, and currently call Houston, TX home.

I shoot with Nikon camera and lenses.