POEM::fade to black

One of the things I love to do is have conversations with someone I do not know, and last year I got to do that with Cassandra. I had seen her work online and thought she has an amazing look and captivating eyes that would make everyone envious, men and woman, alike.
That said, my conversation with model and actress (Cassi) Cassandra Overfield was beyond amazing. I found her story rich with details and her struggle with a personal issue – captivating! I may write about that more in a future post, but at this time I wanted to do some work on my of my other passions since I was in the 6th grade – poetry!  I was so inspired and awestruck by Cassi’s story that wrote a poem about her to accompany this photo art piece we worked on together on. Thank you Cassi for sharing with me this wonderful story and your inner beauty is beyond your outer beauty. For what you have endured and overcome will only propel you on to bigger and greater things in life and your strength to persevere will inspire many others!!
For ribbons of curls wrapped so neatly
the strains that make it up
get pulled down, mighty.
She motions the sun, but sinks in a mud of clubs
She witnessed an act but strung by tassels,
so it happened, understated and beniged, such is life
She started to dig that well in her castle,
A window, a wallowing, a whisper – she was yanked like a kite.
she dug into her well and it stung to her core.
her shovel digs with each laceration, nothing more
she dug until she had but a hinge on her door
her shovel digs to her hunger
She stitched her song mute and deaf
She dug so close, her chin was but a clef
She had a beast she did not want to stomach
She knew no tomorrow, but a fall…then winter cometh.
in her seat, by a window, under her dawning eyes
in her seat, she is petrified by a gnawing of whys
in her seat, she whimpers and cries without shed
in her seat, her eyes sunk and silently bled
For the embers in the coal, in sider her
they arise from the bark, maligns her.
they arise from the dark, unremorsefully blinds her
they are the remains – the toll.
And in the dark, in the , and the ash – she finds…
a spark,
a morsel,
a key,
a rope,
to climb
to unlock
to nimble
to enflame
And she sees it.
She untangles the tassels;
she gasp for that breath;
she broke her shackles;
she outpaced a death;
She wanted the light that accompanied the dark
She longed for the night to conjure her new mark
She wanted life’s warmth, again!
She wanted the light, again!
She wanted life’s length. again!
She wanted it right, again!
She vowed an aliagance
without a credence
She had a new sentence.
She found her cadence
She found a tune and it was a choice
She found her moon and it was her voice.
To dance before the night comes…
To do before totals and sums.
To serve and rejoice with a sun.
To fade is a way, but so is it to run.
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