Workshop (Spring2016) – The Light Awakens

Studio and Off Camera Lighting Workshop



If you’ve been curious or have wanted to know more about studio lighting for your photography, but think its too daunting or technical, then this workshop is for you. This workshop is geared towards alleviating the mystery out of studio and  photography.

The workshops will at the gorgeous The Houston Studio and it has a wide range of studio lighting gear, beautiful spaces and lighting situations! It is located in the heart of Houston and parking is free on Sundays on Commerce Street, Franklin Street, and the Spaghetti Warehouse parking lot.

  • The fee for the workshop is $175
  • The day starts at 9am, and ends around 5pm. Lunch is included.
  • Each workshop is limited to 15 photographer to allow for individual attention as we become proficient with lighting techniques and theories.

The intention with this workshop is to help other photographers understand the essentials of studio lighting, and how to achieve what they want to.  After this workshop, I want you to feel a new level of confidence the next time you are out shooting, whether that be in studio or on location.  Things taught at this workshop will be another tool you use in your photography and the hope is that you will practice and experiment further.

Workshop syllabus

The day’s workshop will be built around these points:

  • The Quality and Direction of the light matters
  • Breaking down the walls of FEAR – parts of a lighting system or schematic.
  • Achieving looks with a single light, and building up to multiple lights and other scenarios.
  • Posing and why it matters.
  • Basic lighting patterns – butterfly  – loop – Rembrandt lighting – split lighting, etc…
  • Using a beauty dish, PLM, umbrellas, and other lighting modifiers
  • The makeup part of lighting 🙂 – Grids, socks, gels, and “booming it”

Please note – this isn’t a “glamor workshop” where photographers only move around to different lighting setups and stations. This workshop is intended to be an interactive learning experience for you in becoming comfortable in using a studio, studio lighting, and off camera lighting.

DannyNguyenPhotos_Wedding_Studio_Photographer3What you need for the workshop

  • Be prepared – you will get the most out of the workshop if you are familiar with your camera’s basic operations -shutter speed, F-stop, and ISO. If not, please break out the manual and review these things before the workshop.  We may not have time to go into any of those aspects if you don’t already understand those aspects.
  • Equipment – you only need your camera, and a lens or two. The best lens options would be a medium-range zoom (24-70mm), a telephoto lens (85mm or longer) or a 70-200mm zoom.
  • The studio is well equipped with a wide range of lighting gear, spacious, and unique, so there will be many opportunities to create keeper shots for your portfolios, but keep in mind that the intent is to learn and overcome not knowing lighting or not knowing it as well as you like to.

Workshop cancellation policy

  • Note that no refunds will be issued for cancellations inside 30 days from the date of a workshop for any reason.
  • Also note that Paypal only allows a full refund within a 60 day window. Outside of that period Paypal fees are incurred, and I won’t be able to refund the full amount.
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations of workshops that have been announced as being fully booked. Once a workshop is announced as being fully booked, it stops others from bookings those spots.

Register for a workshop – $175

If you wish to pay via credit card please call me at 713-822-0952

 April 17, 2016 (Sun)

Contact me

Please feel free to e-mail me or phone me at 713-822-0952, for more information about the workshop.

Thank you and take care!!


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