Photography – The importance of an awesome MakeUp Artist.

One of the things I am becoming more keenly aware of is the importance of a good Make-up Artist (MUA) for a commercial, fashion, or a portrature work with my photography clients. Not everyone wants it or can afford it, but the difference can be significant and can be the difference between an average shoot and one that stands out.

Fortunately for me, I am constantly amazed with the tenacity, dedication, and beauty that Mayra Ponce creates with her make-up at Similar to photography, the art of applying make up properly is as much an art form as it is a science. With that, there arises varying degrees of professionals and amateurs that are available. Additionally, choosing a Make-Up Artist for the proper application for the job, but also consider their ability to adapt and communicate in difficult or dynamic situations.

Here is a collaboration shoot I did with Mayra and model Aysia. I was a blast and the results were amazing.  Aysia was an exceptional person to work with and more of her beauty and personality to come.



Terms of the trade that I am learning about, and excuse me if I butcher these terms as I am a novice at what it all means, but happy to learn more 🙂

Concealer: An indispensiable tool for all MUA
Blush or bronzer: This type of make up is often used shape more of the face and
Lip gloss or cream: A stable type of lipstick that is more neutral or less blunt in application that gives lips a shimmer.

I found some of these terms and other neat things about make-up here:

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