The Artist Among Us – Ariela Ventura

As a photographer, I am constantly witnessed to beautiful works and people from my surrounds and, in turn, I learn about my new friends. I love making new friends with other artists and showing everyone what they create, sweat, and bleed the same struggles we all do in finding fulfillment in our lives. I am starting this new blog post as a way for me to expand my artistic ability into photography and also learning from other local artists in the Houston and surrounding areas. I hope this new feature spotlights that all of us have the potential to create and that we all live with the “Artist Among Us”.

I have known Ariela Ventura for a few years, and I am constantly amazed by her works as she has grown and pushes herself to different creatives paths. We have a mutual love for the vibrance of colors and subtle of what we create on canvas and with the camera. We both also share an understanding in the struggles of art and the creative process. It is not easy making a living with art, because it not only changes with time but we, as artist, grow and die, with our art. And thus, art is a process and not necessarily an end – just like life.


For these images I wanted to create something moody and fashion based, since I know Ariela to be quite the understated fiery artist that is rooted in an editorial sensibility. With that in mind, I wanted to take a minimalistic approach to this collaboration. I used the Nikon Nikkor 50 1.8, D810, and one ProPhoto B1 with a gridded strip-box combination to create all these various looks.


She puts her artist medium and her process like this: “My medium is a combination of acrylic, spray paint and oils. I began my paintings as abstract pieces. I then began to pull out creatures and images from within my abstract images which is when my work fuses into surrealism or absolute fantasy. My process is very free spirited and uncontrolled. I believe the answers to everything is within us. It is reflected at its full potential when we simply let it guide us. When we open up to our emotions we are truly able to create masterpieces. I would say my greatest struggle is getting so caught up in the worlds and creations that I see within my abstracts to the point that it is all I want to be surrounded by. It affects me as an artist because I get caught up on the feeling and I stop worrying about whether my art is accepted or wanted by others”

Favorite movie:
Breakfast at Tiffanys

Favorite food:
Sea food, Ceviche

Favorite show:
I don’t have one.

Favorite quote:
To be ourselves causes us to be exiled by many others, and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves.
– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Favorite artist:
Frida Kahlo, I am fascinated by her story. Every artist has to endure many obstacles and I feel Frida is an artist I can truly relate to as a creator and a person in general.

To find out more information about Ariela Ventura and her art, please visit her site:

Here is some of her fantastic art:





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