A walk with the graceful, vivacious, and gorgeous Stephanie Schuster

As a photographer, I’m grateful and in awe of the talented people that I am in contact with. I enjoy meeting actors, models, artists, families, and the many brides, grooms that I get to know. I met Stephanie through a mutual friend and we immediatley hit it off, and have had many great converstations about life, success, and our love of food! It was so fun spending the day with Shephanie and her boyfriend Khan, they are such a dynamic couple with drop dead looks.

She takes direction beautifully, and she has a soulful and classic look that is magnetic and engaging. I think she is a great combination of new and classic – a mix between Alison Bree and Gwenth Paltrow. Everyone definitely needs to be on the look out for what she has to offer up in the future and I know her as a tenacious and talented person with a dash of serious hulmility, and I see her path to the stars as only the start of something grand.  She is represented by firstmodelshouston.com.


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